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How are you i’m fine okay i think very nice now we tend to use these expressions over and over again so in today’s article we’re going to learn some smart english expressions that you can use instead of these ordinary expressions and you can use them in your daily english casual conversation to sound like an advanced english speaker so let’s get going today we’re talking about those smart english expressions that you can use instead of those ordinary terms and by the end of this article you’re going to sound like a fluent english speaker with advanced vocabulary and you’re never ever going to use those common expressions ever again so expression number.


one is how are you tends to be a very old-fashioned phraseal most like you’re saying it without actually expecting a responseso here’s what you can say instead how’s it going this one is very popular how’s it going how have you been and you can shorten this to how have you been this is very warm and friendly and i particularly like using this how have you been how’s everything how are things or how are things going this one is asking not only about the person but also about like an overall life update how are things so how are you doing in fact the r is actually not there it’s like how you doing what’s going on this one is a little american.


In fact if you haven’t met someone for a little while and you suddenly meet them you can say what’s going on hey what’s new or what’s new with you again another nice way to say how areyou is what’s new what’s up this one is super casualin fact it’s got shortened to just sup heys up what’s up now you know more than the words that you use it’s actually the tone and the intent to be warm and friendly and to find out what the other person’s life has been all about and your sincerity is going to come through in your tone of voice no matter which words you choose now if you know any other beautiful expression to say how are you put that down as well at number two is i am fine now i’m fine or i’m fine thank you is like too boring and too over used.


So let’s see what we can say when someone asks us how we’re doing i’m doing well or i’m doing well thank you how you doing i’m doing well i’m good how about you now we never say i’m doing good we either say i’m doing well or i’m good if somebody asks you how are things things are good how’s everything’s good how are you i’m good or i’m great not bad how are things with you not bad how’s it going not bad nothing much what’s going on nothing much pretty good this is a popular american term how have you been pretty good no complaints or as good as can be now i love using this especially nowadays in times of the lock down when someone asks me how is it going i say no complaints as good as i can be now you know again a lot depends on your intonation you could say no complaints and actually sound like you have a lot of complaints or you could say no complaints as good as i can be and one of my friends who was super highly positive and optimistic whenever i ask them how are you said better than fantastic would be an understatement oh my god how optimistic can somebody be clearly must be the most overused expression in english language in fact it’s got shortened to just one alphabet k now let’s look at some very exciting and interesting ways to agree with some one i now this is a naval term but you can when you want to say okay and yes to somebody you can say i i it literally means okay okay it’s a kind of fun way to say so if your friend says call me today at 6 pm you can say aye aye roger that roger that also means copy that or i understand for example you get together and your friends say hey we have a zoom call tonight at 9 pm you can say roger that okie-okie this one islight-hearted and when you want to keep something fun warm and affectionate you can say okie-okie so if your elder brother says hey come on quickly let everyone get into the car you can say okey-okey now the next three terms are particularly useful when for example someone’s made a plan and they’ve suggested it to you and you agree with the plan and you want to express that now instead of saying okay you can say sure go ahead or by all means or certainly i agree with your plans sure go ahead by all means or certainly righto righto is casual and it’s british and if someone tells you i think we should study right now you can say righto all right this one is my favorite all right this one is a little casual and fun as well so if you need to go somewhere and if there’s a plan getting made you can say all right let’s go then sounds good or sounds good to me this you can use in a sort of formal situation when someone says this is what i’m suggesting to you and you want to agree with them you can say sounds good or sounds good to me at number four is very nice how’s this very nice how’s that very nice now it’s not so nice to keep saying nice all the time so let’s look at some interesting new and different expressions that you can use when you want to say something is nice amazing you are amazing or fantastic that meal was fantastic incredible incredible means unbelievable you can actually even use this to comment on someone’s social media post for instance what an incredible shot phenomenal this one is a little more than just nice it’s like really really nice for example you read a book and you totally loved it and you could tell someone it was phenomenal a must-see this one is when you’re trying to talk about a movie or a show or maybe even the chat chat video series you can tell your friends it’s a must-see lovely oh how lovely this is extremely quintessential british and it’s sort of universal so you can use this in many different situations absolutely lovely now i think we need to replace the boring word i think and here’s what you can say instead in all honesty for example in all honesty what you just said may have been a little rude in my opinion or in my view now when you want to be a little more formal maybe you can say in my opinion or in my view if you ask me now this is something typically that i would say when i have to express my opinion instead of i think i would say if you ask me it seems to me that or to me for example i want to say to me this color looks better than that color i believe this one can be very easy because i think comes naturally to you so you can reprogram yourself to say i believe every time you want to say i think i’d say you had a party and the party was very well organized you’d say i’d say it was a very well organized party .

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